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Harvesting Attachment  
Features and Benefits Leaf Collection
  • Patented rotary cutter and elevator capable of high speed harvesting
  • Accurate and even plucking table, giving high quality plucking
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Very easy height adjustment allowing for minimum delay between fields
  • 2 m³ capacity Bulk Bin complete with tipping floor
  • Capable of holding up to 200 kg of harvested tea

Skiffing and Pruning Attachment
Features and Benefits  
  • The Skiffing and Pruning attachment is mounted midway between front and rear wheels which, combined with an additional damping and levelling mechanism, greatly reduces the effect of ground undulations giving a very even crop table.

Spraying and Fertiliser Spreading Attachment

If required, the T1500 can also be fitted with sprayers and fertiliser spreaders


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